• Would you like a 30 minute appointment instead of a 30 minute wait?

  • Are you tired of waiting a week or two to get in for a visit?

  • Would you like to be able to text your doctor or have telemedicine visits at no extra charge?

  • Are you not getting the care you need because of unpredictable costs and high bills?

  • Would you like a doctor to work with you to avoid or control chronic health problems?

    With Direct Primary Care you can have extended visits of 30-60 minutes, same or next day appointments,  routine lab fees of less than $10, texting and telemedicine visits for an accessible monthly fee of $30-$75 dollars – without additional copays/visit charges. 

Contact me for a free meet/greet visit 

Come and see if my practice is right for you.  No commitments or medical treatment included in meet/greet visit.