• Would you like a to work with a family medicine doctor who will work with you towards YOUR health goals without making you feel judged?

    • Would you like have a primary care physician who knows you?

    • Would you like to have 30 minute visits so you can talk about more than 1-2 things at a time?

    • Do you want to have predictable primary care costs, price transparency, and access to discounted labs?

    • Would you like to work with doctor who believes in the mind – body connection and wants to talk with you about how your physical and mental health are impacting each other?

      With Direct Primary Care you can have extended visits of 30-60 minutes, same or next day appointments,  routine lab fees of less than $10, texting and telemedicine visits for an accessible monthly fee of $30-$75 dollars – without additional copays/visit charges. 


    Watch video about WHY and HOW I started my DPC practice

    Come and see if my practice is right for you.  No commitments or medical treatment included in meet/greet visit.