Cynthia Villacis MD

The doctor who listens, who cares,
and is there for you when you need her.

Dr. Villacis practices Direct Primary
a new model in medicine. DPC
allows her to spend more time with you, all without the stress, frustration, and confusion of today’s health care system.

No Insurances Billed
No Copays Collected

The Miracle of Direct Primary Care

Eighty percent of your healthcare needs are met right here in the office—including check-ups, sick visits, many routine tests, and procedures, and even the management of common chronic conditions.


Skilled & Experienced

You can be confident you’re receiving top-notch medical care here. Dr. Villacis is a skilled physician who is highly educated and has been practicing family medicine for over 15 years. She is a member of Northern Kentucky Medical Society, the American Academy of Family Practice, and the Direct Primary Care Alliance.


Fast & Accessible

Get care when you need it, not in days, weeks or months. You can usually book an appointment on the same day you call. If you’re too sick, too busy, or simply can’t can’t make it into the office, no problem! Dr. Villacis will text with you or use video (telemedicine) to come to your aid. She uses technology to make your life easier.


Relaxed & Unhurried

No more rushed office visits! Dr. Villacis takes the time to really listen to your concerns and answer all your questions. Unlike other doctors, she doesn’t just prescribe pills and refer to specialists. You spend your time with the doctor, not in the waiting room (or running around to multiple doctors if it’s not necessary).


Most Tests are $5

Dr. Villacis provides exceptional medical care and saves you money at the same time. Unlike most medical practices mandated to use a particular lab or hospital. she has an independent practice. She has negotiated low fees at the top labs in the area – and you know in advance how much you will be charged.


On-Site Prescriptions

Imagine not having to go the pharmacy…especially when you’re sick! Some medications are available right here at the office to dispense – like antibiotics, blood pressure pills. If you need something we don’t have, we can order it in within a few days.


Office Visits No Charge

No surprises! As a patient of Dr. Villacis, you never pay a co-pay or receive a bill for an office visit. Your primary care visits, in-office tests and procedures, calls, texts, and conferences are included in a low fee – which for many patients is less than co-pays at other offices.

No Insurances Billed, No Copays Collected

Sick Visits

Sick visits for problems like bronchitis, ear infections, strains/sprains, rashes, strep throat, bladder infections, abscess drainage

Chronic Health Problems

Chronic care management for concerns like diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroid, obesity, asthma/COPD, GERD, migraines among other problems

Reduced Lab Prices

Negotiated group lab pricing means that many labs are 75%  of prices you may find elsewhere!  Most labs are around $5 outside of insurance. 

Wellness Visits

Annual wellness exams help you see what you can do to reduce your risk of developing chronic illnesses, and what you can do to get healthier.  

Mental Health

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, etc. Dr. Villacis can help you manage these problems or work with you in conjunction with your counselor

On-Site Dispensing

We carry some medications in-house to dispense – like antibiotics, blood pressure pills… If you need something we don’t have, we can order it in within a few days.

“Dr. Cynthia Villacis is amazing! She was able to see me, as a new patient, the same day. I waited less than 5 minutes to see Dr. Villacis and she spent almost an hour with me. A few days later, when I had questions about potential side effects of my Rx, I was able to send them to her via her secured app. She called me back within minutes, on a holiday weekend to answer my questions. If you need a new primary care doc, look no further!”

Christine Luken


Modern Medicine with Old-Fashioned Care

Affordable, Accessible, Personalized



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