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I started this blog when I started Health Connections Direct Primary Care to have a place to put things that I commonly talk about with patients. Posts are my own thoughts and are not medical advice. Please talk with your doctor about your specific health recommendations.

So you didn’t sign up for ObamaCare, what now?

Direct Primary Care meets primary care needs - how to pay for other needs outside of insurance... Did you decide that you could't afford to continue with your health insurance and are looking for another way to help pay for catastrophic health issues?  Unfortunately,...

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What is Addiction?

As a family physician who also practices addiction medicine, it is common for me to find that patients are confused about the difference between physical dependence on a substance, and addiction. Any substance that causes withdrawal symptoms when discontinued has...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

One thing I sometimes recommend to people is that they make a gratitude list to remind themselves of all the good things that they have going on in their lives.  There are several things that I am particularly aware of being grateful for this year.  Probably the top 2...

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