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I started this blog when I started Health Connections Direct Primary Care to have a place to put things that I commonly talk about with patients. Posts are my own thoughts and are not medical advice. Please talk with your doctor about your specific health recommendations.

How to Measure Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure measured in my office can be different from blood pressure people may have when they are at home or at work.  In order to figure out how much of a problem someone's blood pressure is we frequently need them to monitor it on their own.  Below are some...

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Be Careful – It’s HOT outside! Heat Exhaustion 101

Heat Exhaustion is a heat related illness that  can happen after being exposed to hot temperatures for a long time.  People who are overweight, have diabetes or hypertension, are under 4  or over 65 years old, or are taking certain medicines (like diuretics, beta...

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Dealing with Depression

A lot of people have been talking about depression this week in the wake of Kate Spade's suicide.  Her husband  said she was trying to get help - but she was still suffering.  I don't know what kind of treatment she was undergoing, but I was saddened to see her to...

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