Business Membership Prices for Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care prices are dependent on age and there is a discount for a family of 4.  The initial visit fee is waived for businesses when 4 or more employees enroll and payments are made directly from the business to Health Connections.  You are able to adjust which employees are eligible each month, and they may continue as patients with Health Connections as an individual if they change jobs. 

There are no additional per visit charges and insurance isn’t charged.

Initial Visit Fee:  $150/family – the first visit is one hour and is more involved, and may include request of and review of prior records. 

Re-enrollment: Re-enrollment is not guaranteed and is dependent on availability and only in certain circumstances.

Monthly Fees: 

Under 26 years:    $30/month

26 to 64 Years:     $75/month

Family of four:      $160/month


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