Chronic Health Problems

Do you have Diabetes? Asthma? Obesity? Hypertension? any chronic health problems?


More than half of Americans have at least one chronic health problem. Most of these diseases require patients to take an active role in their disease management to have adequate control.   Many of them require ongoing medications, lifestyle changes and working with a physician periodically to make sure they are being treated well enough to avoid or minimize long-term consequences.  Health problems like hypertension and diabetes require lab tests as well.   All this can get expensive and people frequently don’t follow up as often as they should because they are afraid they are going to get a large bill.

With Direct Primary Care all visits are included in the monthly membership, and most labs to monitor chronic health problems cost around $5 if you use our cash pricing.  If you don’t have insurance, we can help you fill out patient assistance forms if needed or help compare prices through GoodRx.  We order in medications that we are able to dispense at reduced prices in order to help you save money.  


Modern Medicine with Old-Fashioned Care

Affordable, Accessible, Personalized



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