A style of medicine where same or next day visits are the norm.

Where you always get a full 30 minutes with your doctor. (And, if you need more time there is no fee to come back.)

Where you can talk to your doctor on the phone about how you are doing if that is better for you.

You know who your doctor is and can easily contact her by text or portal message.

You know how much labs are going cost before you get them done (and, they cost around $5).

Insurance isn’t required.


Health Connections is a Direct Primary Care practice that offers you a unique level of service. You pay an affordable low monthly membership fee and, no copays or per-visit charges.

Most of our patients have insurance but are tired of high co-pays and wasted time on the phone and in waiting rooms. They want a doctor who spends time with them, answers their questions, and can be reached at any time.

Financial status usually doesn’t determine whether patients choose us for their care. Instead, it is the value of having a relationship with a doctor you know and trust and who you can count on to take good care of you when you need it.

If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Have questions? Just call us at  859-905-0707.

About DPC – Direct Primary Care is a growing trend around the country. As of October 2018, there were over 900 different independent Direct Primary Care (DPC) offices. If you have family or friends in other areas who you think would be helped by this model, please check out the DPC Frontier Map.

Modern Medicine with Old-Fashioned Care

Affordable, Accessible, Personalized




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