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I am really excited that you are interested in joining Health Connections!  This is the first step in taking control of your health care back!  The membership agreement is a several page document to help you understand what how my practice works. Every adult member who joins my practice reviews it and signs it with me.  I know it’s kind of long – but I will go over it with you further before you join.  Please click on this link to review the Direct Primary Care Membership Agreement.

After you have read the web site, reviewed the membership agreement, talked with me about the practice, and you are sure that you want to join – please click on this link to fill out the Online Enrollment Form.  You will not be a patient at Health Connections, nor will you owe any money until our first visit.  Doing this enrollment online ahead of time helps the first visit go more smoothly – and it lets me know to contact you to schedule your first visit!

Please click on this link if you want to read our HIPAA Privacy Policy.



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