General Health Resources

General Health Resources:

WebMD – general information on multiple health issues.

Health on Net Foundation – a search engine that can link you to references from many reliable sources about a wide variety of health problems.

Healthy Children – American Academy of Pediatrics sponsored symptom checker, safety tips, developmental information and more.

AAFP – American Academy of Family Practice patient resources

American Lung Association – resource on asthma, COPD and other lung problems.

American Cancer Society – good resource on multiple types of cancer – from screening, treatment, support for individuals and families, trials, as well as a help/chat line.

American Diabetes Association – information about type 1, 2 and gestational diabetes.  Includes information about treatments, meal planning, support, complications and much more.

American Heart Association – information about different heart disease and cholesterol.

Dr. Weil’s Homepage – general information and links on health and integrative medicine.

The Mesothelioma Center – free information and support for patients diagnosed with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases

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