Hi! I’m Cynthia Villacis, and I have been practicing Family Medicine for the last 14 years. While I have learned a lot over this time, one thing I have not learned well, is to stay on time with the 15 minutes I have been given to see you. Honestly, most doctors struggle with this. The only way NOT to do this is to limit visits to 1-2 concerns at a visit, and not deal with complex patients or mental health issues. This also leads to you having to come back to finish the visit another day, or to me running behind. While most of my patients tell me they don’t really mind waiting because they know I care and will take the time with them if they need it, I always wonder – I mean who really WANTS to wait at the doctors office? Wouldn’t it be better for both of us if I could just schedule longer appointment times? Unfortunately, as an employed physician I am not in charge of my schedule – and administration hasn’t allowed me to do this.

I was feeling frustrated about this last summer when I found out about Direct Primary Care. Direct Primary Care is a new model of providing healthcare for a monthly membership fee. It is not the same as concierge medicine. By paying a monthly fee that is less than a cable or cell phone bill and still NOT charging your insurance, I will be able to lower my overhead, have visits with you for 30-60 minutes instead of 15, address some issues over the phone if we both want to, and keep medical decisions between you and me. I will be able to provide discounted generic medications (not controlled substances) and refer patients for labs/tests at reduced prices. This model works great for someone with a high deductible plan who typically doesn’t meet their deductible, someone who doesn’t have insurance, or someone who wants to have less rushed visits with their doctor and better access to them.

I went to a conference on Direct Primary Care with my husband in October and what I learned there, coupled with ongoing support from some awesome mentors on Facebook, has led me to believe that this is the best way for me to practice medicine. I have resigned from my regular practice effective February 28, 2017 and will be focusing my efforts on opening a practice on my own. I am still searching for an office location in Kenton County but am planning on opening my family medicine office in the next several months. I am very excited, and a little nervous, about making this leap but have confidence that this change will be a win-win!

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