Behind Building 22

527 CentRE View Blvd.  Crestview Hills

We are next to the Northern Kentucky Bar Association.  Parking is right in front of the door.

(Make sure to spell the street address in your mapfinder correctly)

Waiting Room

Or the family room… Not much waiting goes on here. Picture of waves taken by Mauricio Villacis.  We usually have Pandora playing on the TV and of course there’s free wifi for our guests.

Street View

Centre View Blvd.  We are between Tri-State GI and Top Flight Gymnastics. Behind Building 22. 

Exam Room

Actually most of the time we sit at a table talking with my laptop, but we do use an exam table for part of the time.  Picture of the Smokies taken by Mauricio Villacis. 

My Family

Parents, mother-in-law, husband, children. These are my cheerleaders.

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