Healthcare 3.0 or ZDogg discusses Direct Primary Care

Healthcare 3.0 or ZDogg discusses Direct Primary Care

ZDogg, well known by those in the medical field for his musical parodies, has talked about something called Healthcare 3.0. He calls Healthcare 1.0 to be the old time family medicine, without clinical guidelines, and a paternalistic relationship between doctor and patients. Healthcare 2.0 is how many offices are functioning now – owned by corporations, driven by quality numbers and productivity goals, they may lose the relationship with the patients they aim to serve. Medicine becomes more of an assembly line, neither the doctor nor the patient are in charge and their healing relationship is disrupted.

Healthcare 3.0 is a combination of Healthcare 1.0 and 2.0.  Healthcare 3.0 provides personalized care that recognizes the needs/wants of the individual patient in the context of the greater whole. It is a partnership between the physician and patient that recognizes the mind-body connection and helps the patient work towards goals that are important to them. The video he created “Healthcare 3.0” was to inspire those in the medical field to dare to try something different that may allow us to create a better future for our patients – as well as ourselves as practitioners. It is the type of care that many of us wanted to be able to provide when we went to med school. 

ZDogg had a practice called Turntable Health from 2013 to 2017 that was his attempt to create a Healthcare 3.0 environment – while they ultimately closed due to multiple factors – large overhead and depending on venture capital funding being two  major ones, they improved medical care, touched many patients lives and inspired many physicians to work towards creating their own version of Healthcare 3.0 – Direct Primary Care being one of these versions. Click here to see an article about his practice.

One of the things that Turntable did was allow patients to have access to many services that would improve their health – nutrition, yoga, health coaching were just a few of the things they could access. I would have loved to join Turntable if it had been located in the Cincinnati/NKY area. I have no venture capital and am trying to keep my overhead low, but I am trying to figure out a way to incorporate nutrition and mental health care into my DPC practice over the next year – as these are two areas that a lot people would benefit from having better access to.  Stay tuned for further updates as I work through this thought process. If you have thoughts on ways for me to do this, or know people who may be interested in working with me –  contact me via email

ZDogg recently did an interview with Dr. John Bender who has a DPC practice in Colorado, and is on the board of the American Academy of Family Physicians.    Click HERE to see the interview.

Colorado is the other state, that along with Kentucky, doesn’t allow patients with Medicaid to pay for direct primary care memberships with their own money. Yes, you read that correctly.  If you have Medicaid through the states of CO or KY, you can spend your money on things that damage your health, but not healthcare. KY is having problems paying for their Medicaid expansion – but won’t allow for patients to pay for things they want to improve their health. Direct Primary Care provides better access and longer appointments for patients and this helps decrease ER visits and improve health outcomes.  All of this would help patients, and provide the state considerable potential savings. I went to Frankfort last week with 2 other DPC doctors from KY to try to change this. I find it ironic that the coverage that is supposed to help patients obtain medical care, is preventing their ability to obtain medical care on their own. Hopefully as we go forward with this conversation, we will be able provide care in a way that doesn’t discriminate against people based on their insurance status. 

Everyone I know who has opened a Direct Primary Care practice has done it because they want to provide better health care than they are able to do within the current system.  We are moving towards Healthcare 3.0 – come join us!


***Note *** This post, like all my other posts, is for general medical information only and is not to be taken as direct advice.  Please consult your personal physician for more information.

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