Sick Visits

Sprained Ankle? Bladder Infection? Bronchitis? Sinusitis?

 When you are sick, waiting a week or two to get seen isn’t really a good option. Since many doctors offices can’t get people in soon enough, patients end up going to the little clinic, urgent care or the ER for care. This can lead to fragmented and often expensive care. 

At Health Connections, we can usually get people in the same or next business day for sick visits. There are times when you may be able to get treated over the phone and there is no additional charge for telemedicine visits. If you need to come back to get rechecked for an illness, you don’t have to decide if it is worth spending more money to come in – since all visits are included in the monthly membership too! My recommendations about whether to come in for a visit or not are based on your health – not on whether or not I am going to get paid for the visit. Any in-office testing – like a strep or a urine test – is included too! 


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