Wellness Visits

Need a Wellness Visit? Pap Smear? Sports Physical? DOT Exam?

 A wellness exam can help you focus on what you need to do to take your health to the next level.  What changes can you make to decrease the chances of developing diabetes, hypertension or heart disease? What tests are recommended for the early detection of cancer? What recommendations are different for YOU based on your personal or family history? 

If you need labs done you can either do them through your insurance or through our low negotiated lab prices with Labcorp.-employment physicals and DOT physicals are included – although additional required bloodwork or testing is not.

Get your child’s school and sports physical at Health Connections.  This is a great time to assess their overall development and growth – as well as completing needed paperwork.  It also lets them get to know us better so that if they do get sick, they are more comfortable getting care in our office and we know how they normally are.  That gut feeling of “something just doesn’t look right” is easier to tap into when we know how the person usually is.


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